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Located one mile east of Lake Andes, South Dakota, The Yankton Sioux Tribe Substance Abuse Program was established in 1972. The facility has a twenty-bed capacity with twenty-four hour client/house coverage, seven (7) days a week. Services are available to all enrolled male/female adult Native Americans who are experiencing problems associated with chemical dependency. Please note: Clients must meet IHS eligibility reguirements to participate in program services.
This web site is funded through a grant awarded to the Yankton Sioux Tribe from the Department of Health and Human Services Administration, Office of Rural Health


A Culturally Sensitive Program

Culturally Specific Treatment

The Treatment Center Staff and Counselors have been trained in the "Red Road Approach". The "Red Road" is an Indigenous culturally specific chemical addiction philosophy that promotes Holistic Health. Gene Thin Elk from Medicine Wheel Incorporated provided the four-week intensive training. A twenty-four foot teepee is used to perform culturally specific treatment activities and traditional ceremonies. A Sweat Lodge is also available for those wishing to follow traditional ways.

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Canku Teca Treatment Center Director

The Treatment Center Director, Ron Sully, a Yankton Sioux Tribal Member, has 13 years experience in the field of chemical dependency. He believes that the renewal of traditional cultural practices will help improve his clients well-being. "We need to pick up our traditions and spiritual beliefs and make a positive change, this may be the key".


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Alcohol/Drug Use Assessments

Alcohol/Drug Use Assessments is a formal interview and testing process that seeks to evaluate the extent to which a persons use of mood altering chemicals is harmful to some aspects of their life. Screening instruments such as MAST, SASSI3, and others are used to assist both the therapist and client to more accurately assess the relationship between the person and substance. Consideration of the clients's history and significant life events also aid the therapist to make accurate recommendations. Diagnosis' made are based upon DSM IV criteria.
Fees: $50.00, unless eligble for services through IHS

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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling services are provided to anyone seeking assistance to resolve life problems associated with chemical use. Specific treatment goals are negotiated with clients and timetables for completion are established.  

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Intensive Outpatient

Group and Individual counseling modalities as well as a variety of education experiences are utilized to facilitate client behavioral and attitude changes. Intra-personal skills necessary to challenge old beliefs about substances, self, and the world around us are essential foci of treatment. Participants are provided at least 60 hours of structured counseling services and/or education within a five-week period. Eligible clients may reside at the facility while participating in outpatient treatment under special circumstances.  

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Probation & Pretrial UA Testing

Canku Teca Treatment Center provides urinalysis analysis testing through a contract with the State of South Dakota. Drug testing services are performed at the center to persons under federal supervision living on and near the Yankton Sioux Reservation. 

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Referral Services

Clients and family are assisted in obtaining services that are not available through our program. Federal confidentiality regulations are carefully observed during this process. 

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Aftercare/Continued Care

Aftercare or continued care is a 26-week group and individual counseling service that provides support and structure to persons who have successfully completed a structured inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Relapse prevention strategies are taught, and members are strougly encouraged to participate in a twelve-step recovery group or the Red Road Approach..

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DUI First Offender's Course

Eight hours of basic Alcohol/Drug Education is provided to persons referred by the Courts, or Social Services on the second Saturday of each month.
Fees: $60.00, cash or money order.

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Consultation Education

Informational/Educational programs are available to community groups, Tribal programs, schools, clubs, and other community organizations. Staff is also available to other professionals for provision of consultation services.
We're here to help!

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Pre-treatment Services

Clients needing a sober, sturctured living environment while they are waiting admission to a primary treatment facility may stay at our facility up to thirty (30) days, depending on treatment center availability.

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Post-treatment Services

Clients who have completed a treatment program and are in need of a structured, residential environment are eligible to reside at the facility for a maximum of 30 days. Continued stay is dependent upon compliance with all program rules..

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